Professor Hadjiyanni Named Imagine Arts, Humanities, and Design Chair Award

June 11, 2021

Professor Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design) has been selected as the Imagine Fund 2021–2023 Arts, Design, and Humanities (ADH) Chair.

Hadjiyanni’s project, “Journeys unpacked – Designing built environments for communities where everyone can thrive,'' will activate synergies with local leaders, community members, design professionals, educators, and students to explore what it would take to create built environments that help eliminate health, income, and educational disparities. Embracing the premise that journeys to change are as important as outcomes, both personal and collective stories of meaning-making will be documented in dialogues and events.

The Imagine Fund ADH Chair Award is an initiative of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost awarding $100,000 over a two-year term to create a collaborative program of activities for the University community and the community at large. The Imagine Fund chairs are recognized for providing exceptional opportunities in terms of ideas, innovation, collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, and public engagement.

Professor Tasoulla Hadjiyanni’s (Interior Design) latest release, The Right to Home: Exploring How Space, Culture, and Identity Intersect with Disparities, studies interior design’s role in addressing health, income, and educational inequities.

Led by Professor Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design), the Culturally Enriched Communities (CEC) Initiative champions healthy and connected communities in which everyone can thrive.

Universal design is the practice of designing an environment in such a way that it is accessible and usable by the greatest number of people possible, no matter their age, cultural background, or ability.