Minnesota Design Center (MDC)

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The Minnesota Design Center (MDC) engages in system design in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. We seek innovative solutions to the design of physical systems such as infrastructure and open space as well as non-physical systems such as public health or service delivery, helping our region seize the opportunities that lie in the social, technological, environmental, and economic disruptions of our time.

Featured Project

Community Co-Design Toolkit

The Community Co-Design Toolkit focuses on community co-design, a type of human-centered design approach that looks to create opportunities and structure for shared decision-making. This toolkit helps design practitioners, as well as organizations, implement a community co-design engagement process for the development of a place, program, or initiative.

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The MDC collaborates across disciplines through academic and industry partnerships to address system design issues in Minnesota. 

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15th Anniversary Report

For 15 years, MDC has partnered with communities across Minnesota and the upper Midwest to find innovative solutions to our communities' most pressing design problems. Learn more about the research we have conducted, the partners we've worked with, and the results of our work in our 15th Anniversary Report.