Wearable Technology Lab

Wearable tech students working in the lab

Welcome to the Wearable Technology Lab (WTL) at the College of Design. The WTL focuses on the intersection between apparel and new technology and works to expand garment functionality; improve the way we use, manage, and consume clothing; and streamline the design and manufacturing processes of smart clothing and e-textile products. 

What is the Wearable Technology Lab?

Founded in 2009, the WTL is an interdisciplinary research laboratory directed by Dr. Lucy Dunne and Dr. Brad Holschuh, which focuses on the intersection between apparel design and new technology.

Esther Foo standing in front of their research poster

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Person wearing soft exoskeleton for mobility support.
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Stay updated on our work in the Wearable Technology Lab! Visit our YouTube channel for videos of the lab, research overviews, presentations, and interviews with our designers.