About the Wearable Technology Lab

Purpose & Mission

The Wearable Technology Lab (WTL) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory directed by Dr. Lucy Dunne and Dr. Brad Holschuh. Founded in 2009, WTL research focuses on the intersection between apparel and new technology: for instance, in expanding garment functionality through dynamic geometry and new sensing functions; in improving the way we use, manage, and consume clothing; and in streamlining the design and manufacturing processes of smart clothing and e-textile products.

New technology opens new frontiers in understanding the human body, mind, and capability through pervasive sensing, actuation, and interaction. Many projects deal with translating technological potential into the real, everyday world: understanding human physical and emotional comfort and balancing these variables with tradeoffs of performance variables in a smart system design. Housed in the University of Minnesota's College of Design, WTL students hail from backgrounds in everything from aerospace engineering to fashion design, and are immersed in an integrated, multi- and inter-disciplinary research program.

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Lab Directors

Lucy Dunne, Ph.D.
Professor, Apparel Design and Apparel Studies

Brad Holschuh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Apparel Design and Apparel Studies


Current Graduate Assistants

  • Eric Beaudette
  • Megan Clarke
  • Crystal Compton
  • Bolanle Dahunsi
  • Esther Foo
  • Alireza Golgouneh
  • Rachael Granberry
  • Robert Pettys-Baker
  • Niharikha Subaash

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Miles Priebe
  • Saji Fernandes