Design Graduate Program: Product Design

Product Design Track: MS

Student using AR / VR equipment

Our design graduate program focuses on the study of relationships between humans and their designed objects and environments. Students applying to the design graduate program may choose from four different tracks, including the product design track.

Program Details

The product design track is creative and interdisciplinary, blending elements of industrial design, engineering, business, and humanities. Combining these disciplines gives you the tools and methods to design products and services (both physical and digital) that are functional, marketable, and human-centered. Our flexible programming gives you the option to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge of product design and gain hands-on advanced product design experience to augment your background.


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Students pursuing a Master of Science degree have two separate degree plans to choose from. Plan A is more thesis-focused and is considered preparatory for pursuing a PhD. Plan C is project-based and aimed at career advancement.

Plan A Plan C
  • 2 years (full-time)
  • 37 total credits
    • 21 major credits
    • 6 related-field/minor credits
    • 10 thesis credits
  • Final oral examination
  • 2 years (full-time)
  • 35 total credits
    • 29 major credits
    • 6 related-field/minor credits
  • There is no final examination

The credit amounts shown above are the foundation level required; additional coursework may be required.

Full Requirements & Course Descriptions

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Research & Creative Scholarship

Our product design faculty members actively conduct research on topics that range from food and toy design, to consumer perception, immersive environments, and more. Each professor and instructor brings their unique interests to the classroom, giving you a taste of the varied areas of product design research. Through research collaborations, studios, internships, and our fabrication facilities, you will have many opportunities to explore the field of product design as both an academic discipline and industry powerhouse.