Mattie Nunn

Mattie Nunn
About Mattie

Lead by her values in sustainability, creativity, freedom of expression, authenticity, and pulling from historical aesthetics and techniques of dress, Mattie Nunn uses her designs to push the boundaries of what is “fashionable” and who “fashion” is for. 


Music is a big influence in Mattie’s design aesthetic. She is not only a member of the band “NUNNABOVE” but also styles all of NUNNABOVE’s performances and makes some of their stage outfits. She also interned with Stevie Hartigan, a designer who made clothes for Prince, The TIME, Janet Jackson, and more. After graduating from the UofM, she hopes to tour the world with her band and make custom couture garments, and performance wear for musicians worldwide - eventually turning her passion into a company that will create clothing for those that are often overlooked: musicians, performers, people living at and below the poverty line, and clothing that takes into account a wide range of different body types.  Mattie wants to shift the fashion industry towards a more equitable model for consumers. She plans to take a multi-tiered approach to her business with all of the clothing designed to last for multiple years and have a convertible element  to allow consumers another measure of creativity. She views this strategy as a solution to the overconsumption of clothing on a global scale.


In Calescence, Mattie focuses on a solution to overconsumption, she created two winter garments that are convertible and reversible so the user can wear them multiple ways - parts of the garments become accessories for other outfits, and other parts become completely different garments that are added to the consumer's wardrobe. She used a more subdued color palette to convey a historic atmosphere and also reduce evidence of wear over time. All of this is designed to garment longevity and wear.

Models for Mattie Nunn's line Calescence.
Models for Mattie Nunn's line Calescence walk runway.