Hannah Kasner

Hannah Kasner
About Hannah

Designer, Hannah Kasner, is an apparel designer who loves exploring emerging topics and looking for ways to create solutions for niche demographics. Couture construction techniques are used throughout her collection to create high-end, eventwear garments. Hannah is looking to pursue a career in formal wear and plans to have an impact on the ways this category evolves with her generation’s needs. 


Inspired by the show “Euphoria” and the relationship between femininity and the ocean, this A/W 2023 eventwear collection is a combination of traditionally feminine elements and intentional style lines. The cool color palette is meant to capture the essence of the show and feeling of “Euphoria.” This collection is designed to inspire those ready to break the association between gender and clothing.

Models for Hannah Kasner's line Set in Motion.
Model for Hannah Kasner's line Set in Motion walks runway.