Erin Briggs

Erin Briggs
About Erin

As a designer, Erin Briggs not only expresses her creativity but also speaks out about important and inspiring issues - such as mental health and its impact on Gen Z individuals who were raised in a world that lacked consistency. She is interested in a wide range of aspects of the apparel industry ranging from creative design to analytical research and wearable technologies. This is shown through her portfolio as well as her publication (in partnership with the Wearable Technology Lab) about computer-mediated compression garments as well as research conducted with mentors at NASA. In the future, she hopes to travel and apply her research skills to learning about the different aspects of design in varying locations. 


Erin’s thesis collection is focused on Sensory Processing Disorders; drawing attention to the neurotypical community of the overstimulation clothing can cause, while providing suggestions for how garments can be modified for the working, feminine-presenting individual. Inspiration came from the juxtaposition of chaos and calm, and how this is a parallel to the search for peace and order amidst the anxieties faced in everyday life. Throughout the collection exploration of this concept is shown through fabric manipulation and heavy textures, balanced by clean and minimalist features. Her line also attempts to create unconventional twists on ordinary elements to reflect on embracing the obscurities of the world around us. Unbleached textiles are used as a symbol for the beauty of imperfection as much of the triumph seen in our lives is a direct result of the entropy preceding it.

Models for Erin Briggs' line ENTROPY.
Model for Erin Briggs' line ENTROPY walks runway.