We are currently working to strategize what justice can look like in year 1, 4, and 12. We are using the Racism Untaught research framework to guide our design decisions; contextualizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and measuring the impact of our design approaches. In defining the issues within the college, we conducted 1-on-1 interviews, focus groups, and graffiti walls to help us understand how our institutional policies have perpetuated inequities.

Design Justice Designer-in-Residence

In Fall 2021, we are hoping to launch a design justice-centered residency program that would support guest designers who teach courses with a wide(r) cultural lens including Black and Latinx design history courses and a Design As Protest course.

Design Justice Fellowship Program

We are currently working to develop a program that supports a pipeline to the design industry that reflects underinvested students directly from our communities. Corporate entities will provide mentorship, internships, and courses on our campus within a developed boot camp or certificate program to teach the technical skills of design.

Design Justice Cumulative Hire

Much like many universities across North America (See OCAD University), a significant goal of the College of Design is to provide opportunities for hiring a wide-array of staff and faculty that reflect the identities of our Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color. We are researching to understand how we can engage in supporting efforts like these so our faculty and staff can reflect the broader community.