Designers have a critical role to play in creating the future. Across the design fields, designers work to imagine environments, products, and processes that don't exist yet. From integrating virtual reality into design models to inventing a new shape-changing textile and imagining a more equitable and sustainable post-COVID world, our students and faculty are creating the future today.

Virtual Reality Brings Designs to Life

"These virtual worlds allow for a user to quickly experience a space, and understand exactly what it will feel like in the real world." MLA student Preston McMahon turned to virtual reality (VR) to bring his design for buried Minneapolis waterway, Bassett Creek, to life.

Researchers Invent Shape-Changing Textiles

A breakthrough invention in wearable technology has the potential to change how we interact with the clothes we wear every day. A study co-led by researchers at the College of Design's Wearable Technology Lab details the development of a temperature-responsive textile that can be used to create self-fitting garments powered only by body heat.

Imagining A More Equitable and Sustainable Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed inequities based on race and class that have been ignored for too long. Designers have great potential to work with underserved communities to build a more humane, equitable, and sustainable future that works for everyone. The post-pandemic world discussion series invites practitioners and community members to connect and explore ideas each month for short and long-term solutions.

Design in a Post-Pandemic World