Master of Architecture

Faculty and student working together on an architecture project

The M.Arch program is a professional degree, accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board. As both a STEM program and the only accredited M.Arch program in the state, we provide foundational knowledge and skills for students who wish to gain licensure while empowering them to be future leaders in the profession. Our program strives to teach design excellence while concurrently exploring architecture as a cultural and research-based practice that engages broader societal issues.

Program Details

Our rigorous three-year curriculum covers the breadth of foundational knowledge required to become a professional architect, while embracing complex and urgent issues involving globalization, climate change, social equity, and new technologies. Our core curriculum synthesizes building technology and structures, critical representation, professional practice, environmental technologies, history, and theory with design. Elective courses broaden and deepen this foundational knowledge. Through the promotion of design exploration and independent thinking, we provide a strong base for a creative and meaningful professional life.

3+ Summer Program
Students with non-architectural, academic backgrounds are required to enroll in a six week summer course prior to the start of the M.Arch in September. During the six week, summer intensive course, students will focus on basic issues of visual thinking and conceptual representation in architecture. The course is organized around a sequence of complementary exercises that introduce issues and ways of working intended to complement educational backgrounds from other, nonarchitectural, disciplines. To do that, we have designed the exercises to juxtapose different ways of perceiving and understanding constructed environments. A primary goal of the summer program is to emphasize the importance of iteration to the critical thought processes. When taken on as acts of inquiry, repetitive making and drawing, mixed with thoughtful discussion and reflection, yield insights otherwise undiscoverable.  

Advanced Standing

We also offer an advanced standing M.Arch, which may be completed in two years instead of three. Students are admitted to this program on a case-by-case basis by the director of graduate studies. To be considered for advanced standing, applicants must have a pre-professional BS in architecture or equivalent degree; completed at least one course in structures, materials and methods, and environmental technologies; and at least four semesters of architecture design studios. Post-professional applicants with a B.Arch may also be admitted to the two-year path, with the possibility to replace certain requirements with electives.


Learn more about the M.Arch by contacting Terence Rafferty, the Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment for Architecture. 

Credit Overview

Master of Architecture Degree

The M.Arch degree offers standard pacing for the majority of graduate students and accelerated pacing for students who are granted Advanced Standing.

M.Arch OverviewAdvanced Standing
  • 90 total credits
    • 72 major credits
    • 18 elective/minor credits
  • 3 years (full-time)
  • 59 total credits
    • 44 major credits
    • 15 elective/minor credits
  • 2 years (full-time)
Full Requirements & Course Descriptions

Learn more about the M.Arch by contacting Terence Rafferty, the Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment for Architecture. 

Concurrent Degrees

As an M.Arch student, you also have the option to concurrently pursue one of our three Master of Science in Architecture degree tracks:

Learn more about how to pursue dual master's degrees.


Learn more about the concurrent degrees by contacting Terence Rafferty, the Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment for Architecture.