Computer-Mediated Compression as a New Paradigm for Remote Interaction

Computer-Mediated Compression Vest

Compression is ubiquitously experienced in many facets of our lives, and is also used in healthcare applications to improve physical or emotional wellbeing. Compression is also currently being explored as a novel form of haptic interaction modality, due to its similarity to common human behaviors (e.g., a hug) and less disruptive nature.


Current research using compression intersects many fields such as human-computer interaction, affective haptics, and occupational therapy, but the use of compression in many applications are still poorly understood and highly non-quantified. The focus of this research is on expanding our understanding and ability to enable remote human-human interaction through novel application of computer-mediated compression. Recent advances in compression garment technology have produced dynamic, low-mass, highly mobile, controllable compression garments (through integration of shape memory alloy (SMA) active materials) capable of interfacing wirelessly with remote users. This technology has the potential to enable new modes of interaction between users separated from one another but who seek to physically interact, including the potential to be applied in novel technologies targeted at enriching the lives of those with disabilities through remotely-activated computer-mediated devices.

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