Aerial shots of the Community Center

Xinshan Community Center and Bookstore

Researcher: Dingliang Yang and VARI Design, Founding Partner

Program: Architecture

The revitalization project of the Linchuan Ancient City Cultural District of Qionglai County in Chengdu (China) is dedicated to critical research and innovative design in pursuit of responses to the paradigms of urban regeneration.

As the winner of an international competition, VARI Design stood out from 26 firms to gain the opportunity of providing the masterplan for the overall urban regeneration scheme, in which, a perspective of urban architecture is held: recognizing the existing historic city as an accumulated craft-knowledge and interpreting architecture as the object and subject inherited from the formation and transformation of urban forms of Qionglai County. The final scheme develops a proper and instructive understanding of urban architecture and its major typologies by means of comprehending the general form of Qionglai and decoding the rules of its spatial form established along the history.

Blueprint of Xinshan Center
Aerial view of Xinshan Center
Xinshan Center at night
Street view of Xinshan Center