Digital renderings of the Xcel Limb prosthetic

Xcel Limbs

Team: Risheng Liang (PhD student, Designer), Sauman Chu (Advisor)

Globally, numerous individuals lose their limbs each year due to various reasons. This unfortunate event has profound psychological impacts, manifesting as mild depression, lack of confidence, and emotional fragility. Helping them rebuild confidence, facilitating better integration into society, and enabling them to lead normal lives and work become crucial. 3D simulated limbs may be one of the most direct solutions to assist them in smoother societal integration.

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Keywords: Smart Wearable Device, Design for Health, Anthropometry and Smart Model Algorithm, Advanced 3D Simulation Technology

Digital rendering of the Xcel Limbs prosthetics
Digital rendering of prosthetic
Digital rendering of prosthetic
Prosthetic worn by a woman
Digital rendering of prosthetic