Sungduck Lee

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

Sungduck Lee is an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Lee holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning from Arizona State University (2013) and a Master of Architecture from University of Texas at Austin (2007) with an emphasis on urban design and urbanism. Her research examines various factors of the built environment in relation to social equity and explores methods that effectively measure social needs. She teaches courses in urban design history and theory, urban design practice, urban form analysis, data visualization and GIS.

Selected Scholarship

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Books & Chapters

  • Talen, E. & Lee, S. (2018) Design for Social Diversity, Routledge Equity, Justice and the Sustainable City series. Routledge: New York & London.
  • Lee, S. (2019) “Social Goals” In E. Talen (Ed.), A Research Agenda for New Urbanism. Edward Elgar publishing: Cheltenham, UK.

Journal Publications

  • Lee, S. (2021) “The Safety of Public Space: Urban Design Guidelines for Neighborhood Park Planning.” Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability.
  • Lee, S. (2019) “Understanding the Context of Neighborhood Parks: A Method for Public Space Classification.” Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability.
  • Lee, S., Koschinsky, J. & Talen, E. (2018) “Planning Tools for Walkable Neighborhoods – Zoning, Land Use and Urban Form.” Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, 35(1), 69-88.
  • Koschinsky, J., Talen, E., Alfonzo, M. & Lee, S. (2017) “How Walkable is Walker’s Paradise?” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design: Urban Analytics and City Science, 44(2), 343–363.
  • Talen, E., Anselin, L., Lee, S. & Koschinsky, J. (2016) “Looking for Logic: The Zoning -- Land Use Mismatch.” Landscape and Urban Planning, 152, 27–38.
  • Lee, S. & Talen, E. (2014). “Measuring Walkability: A Note on Auditing Methods.” The Journal of Urban Design, 19(3), 368–388.

Sungduck Lee


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