Human Dimensioning Lab Research

Topics & Areas of Research

A computer monitor displaying software analyzing images of the human form from several angles
Advanced Wearable Products

The HDL research group has analyzed anthropometric data in relation to current ready-to-wear sizing system standards for advanced wearable products.

Advanced Medical Wearables & PPE

The Human Dimensioning Lab uses design and research to develop impactful wearable products. Through investigating and developing health and safety wearable products, we aim to improve safety and wellbeing through applied design research, apparel technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

A person holds a scanner that focuses on an individual's arm grasping a device.
Close up of hands holding an iPad displaying research
3D & 4D Technology

The Human Dimensioning Lab is filling a critical void in wearable product engineering through the development of technology and tools for dynamic 3D and 4D scanning.

Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer's Guide

Co-authored by HDL founder Professor Emeritus Karen LaBat, Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer's Guide, was written for wearable product designers to better explain the relationships of body and product and to provide a realistic understanding of human body structure and function.

Bulletin board covered in papers with anatomical graphics and research notes