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Believing in the importance of object-centered learning, sisters Harriet and Vetta Goldstein brought examples of good design into their classrooms. These multidisciplinary objects, coupled with generous donations from other faculty and alumni, comprise the core collection of the museum.


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Jack Lenor Larsen Oral History Project

Winner of the 2019 Interior Design Educators Council Media Award, the Jack Lenor Larsen Oral History Project was conducted by Professor Stephanie Zollinger. A noted scholar of Jack Lenor Larsen, Dr. Zollinger interviewed many of Larsen’s former designers, employees, and colleagues to help preserve his legacy. These interviews were audiotaped and transcribed and are now an important source of information available for scholars and admirers of Jack Lenor Larsen.

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Emigre magazine 

In 2001 the Goldstein added a full set of Emigre magazines to its collection, which provided a significant anchor for its graphic design collection. This acquisition, guided by Professor Steven McCarthy, was made possible by the Anne Brey Fund. In 2011, GMD awarded its annual Joss Internship to MFA graduate student Jessica Barness, who devised a project that meticulously mined the contents of Emigre to create an online index for the publication.

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