Siobhan Sullivan

Siobhan Sullivan
About Siobhan

Siobhan Sullivan challenges the concept of normal - her designs are cultural protagonists for the next era of the fashion industry. Guided by her technical skills and experiences with digital rendering software, Siobhan is able to merge design activism and creativity to construct pieces that not only educate consumers, but surpass current trends and exude longevity. While pursuing her BS in Apparel Design, Siobhan’s passion to make a difference has led her to minor in Sustainable Studies - focusing on sustainable systems and renewable energy. After graduation, she looks forward to exploring more of the digital fashion industry and seeks to become a 3D designer.


The fashion industry is implementing AI, VR, and cryptocurrency technology that will alter the future of fashion and how it is defined today. In the future, it is projected that up to 15% of our wardrobes will be digital, and the majority of consumers are unaware of the true potential, or even that it is available to them. At the same time, those exploring digital are misled by the digital fashion industry greenwashing their products, utilizing vague, unsubstantiated environmental claims. is a phygital twin collection promoting transparency in digital fashion tech to close consumers' knowledge gap, emphasizing that digital does not necessarily mean sustainable. The collection is inspired by the innovations in technology that were introduced in the early 2000s, such as the camera phone and bluetooth, and the influence that this new technology had on people’s day to day lives. Fashion's emergence with metaverse technology will alter the way we design, consume, and wear apparel.

Digital rendering of Siobhan Sullivan's line
Model for Siobhan Sullivan's line walks runway.