Pachee Xiong

Pachee Xiong
About Pachee

Pachee Xiong is a Hmong descendant designer who enchants her garments with her culture and creativity. Inspired by her Hmong culture and community, Pachee strives to create clothing that will tell the stories of her heritage and become a voice for other Hmong women. She desires to share her knowledge about the pieces embedded with stories and patterns. With the core values of Hmong culture and women as the motivation and foundation, she hopes to become a representative of those who are underrepresented. 


Sacrifice is the act of giving up something for the sake of something more worthy, which is why Pachee chose this name for her collection designed to showcase the challenges, trauma, hopes, and dreams of a mother and daughter as they escape from the Secret War (aka Vietnam War). Each garment represents an aspect of the mother and daughter's journey as they seek refuge in Banvinai, Thailand. The process of creating these garments is a long, thoughtful, and symbolic journey for both the characters and the designer. The foundation of each garment is made from a garment that has been inherited. Each color represents the emotions felt by the mother and daughter as they journey to seek refuge from the war. The more muted colors represent their sorrow, desperation, hurt, and fear. In contrast, the brighter colors represent their yearning, hope, freedom, and love. Each piece is carefully crafted to represent the different stages of life – both mother and daughter go through. This collection infuses traditional Hmong silhouettes and textiles to fully grasp the relationship of a mother and daughter as they face the traumas of war together.

Models for Pachee Xiong's line Sacrifice.
Models for Pachee Xiong's line Sacrifice walk runway.