Olivia Reingold

Olivia Reingold
About Olivia

Olivia Reingold is a designer from Chicago, Illinois. She takes inspiration from exploring the world around her, where the damaging effects from fast fashion could reduce her future inspiration. She has since developed a passion for sustainability in daily life. Some examples include reworking existing unwanted clothing into custom pieces and using existing leftover materials where applicable to create small matching accessories. Olivia hopes her interests in slow fashion and circular design will lead to a career in sustainable fashion after graduating. When not working on sewing projects, she likes to explore other creative disciplines such as painting, collaging, and cooking. 


METAMORPHOSIS is a sustainable collection that leverages comfort through ethical design and production. It aims to fight the cycle of consumption. The styles are versatile and able to transform from formal to casual or day to night. In an ever changing world, the garments people wear should be made to fit their body as it fluctuates and can be adjusted to the wearer’s preference in both fit and styling. The pieces can be mixed and matched in various textiles and color ways to create the ultimate wardrobe in fewer items.

Models for Olivia Reingold's line Metamorphosis.
Model for Olivia Reingold's line Metamorphosis walks runway.