Neema Mochoge

Neema Mochoge
About Neema

Neema Mochoge is a Kenyan-born women's ready-to-wear designer focused on helping women feel confident and assertive. At a very young age, Neema’s mom celebrated being a woman and women empowerment, which inspired Neema's design aesthetic of powerfully interpreting diversity, body positivity, femininity, and sexuality. Her Power Women collection comprises refined representations of glamor, female superheroes, and film noir. Her design perspective centers around a young woman who evokes feminine and masculine elements with modesty. Her designs impose timeless geometric and asymmetrical patterns in the fashion industry.


In the future, Neems plans to start her label MOCHÈI, which she will market to major cities, especially in third-world countries, and use to employ women living in underprivileged communities. Her goal is to use the opportunity to enable women from third-world countries to support their families and earn fair wages. 


With daring and structured clothing, the Women Are Unstoppable collection strives to empower women through the celebration of a woman's body, mind, and sensuality. For many women, Neema did not feel inspired or confident to dress up during and after the pandemic lockdown, which served as inspiration for the collection. Given that the components of the pieces are exceedingly exact, taped together, tight-fitting, draped, and structured, the mix of cleanliness and impulsiveness is alluring—the influence of fashion from the 1980s and the 1990s by using shoulder pads and leather. 


The clothing in the collection gives the powerful woman a sense of strength, self-expression, and versatility. The women that Neema designs are daring, cutting edge, and not afraid to display their curves and, most importantly, their skin.

Models for Neema Mochoge's line Mochei.
Model for Neema Mochoge's line Mochei walks runway.