Laine Williams

Laine Williams
About Laine

Laine Williams is a fashion designer that strives to create clothing that encourages its wearer to exude confidence and self-expression. As a multiracial woman, Laine has often felt that she did not fit into many of the same categories that her peers did, so, as a designer she hopes to help people feel connected to one another, to promote inclusivity and encourage diversity through her work. In the future she would like to work in many areas of the fashion industry to spread her unique perspective through different facets ranging from a position at a corporate company, to a well known fashion house, to starting her own inclusive fashion line some day.


Through her senior thesis line she explores how high fashion may be depicted through trend forecasting while also catering to a gender inclusive audience. Laine hopes to continue searching for ways to make the fashion industry more inclusive for all while also pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

Models for Laine Williams' line Transcendent.
Model for Laine Williams' line Transcendent walks runway.