Kylie Halvorson

Kylie Halvorson
About Kylie

Evidenced in Kylie Halvorson’s designs is a passion for storytelling combined with a diverse background that includes styling and corsetry at the London College of Fashion and spacesuit engineering at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Kylie seamlessly merges her industry and personal experience to visually represent the historical and contemporary contexts of the fashion landscape today. Her work utilizes technological elements, closely examines trends of the present period and their historical context, and references draping techniques from vintage garments. The resulting designs are creative and innovative but in a way that feels both new and nostalgic.


In Kylie’s senior collection “Archive”, her designs reflect the pain and nostalgia of growing into adulthood. This collection is reminiscent of the influential media and entertainment of her childhood, specifically reflecting elements of Swan Lake Barbie. With a subdued color palette and punk styling elements, Kylie balances the inner angst and sorrow of growing up alongside the comforts she sought as a young girl. The gravity of the world weighs on the shoulders of young adults and is brought to life in this collection by offering a glimpse of a childhood fantasy collapsing.

Models for Kylie Halverson's line Archive.
Model for Kylie Halverson's line Archive walks runway.