Jaden Evenson

Jaden Evenson
About Jaden

Jaden Evenson believes in clothing that provides value without damage. She wants people to feel powerful and confident while keeping themselves and the planet healthy. As a designer, Jaden’s inspiration stems from the beauty of simplicity in a complex world and she embraces a minimalistic design approach. She uses this inspiration to design garments incorporating elements of sustainability, specifically fiber choice, dye selection and application methods, and garment patterning and construction. Experimentation is an important part of her design process and she loves stepping outside of her comfort zone to create innovative designs. 


Jaden’s collection, Natural Sustainability, began by researching sustainability. Designed with near zero waste patterning, constructed with naturally processed wool, and dyed using natural dyes, this collection fully embodies its name. Because there is no established definition of sustainability in the apparel industry, no garment can claim to be 100% sustainable. This collection avoided use of the wide variety of chemicals used extensively in garment production and finishing and, instead, is created using zero chemicals throughout the entire process. The specific wool fabric that was chosen is a natural fiber that doesn’t use land harming pesticides and was processed without chemicals. Jaden researched dying methods, grew her own plants, and experimented with different techniques to dye the fabric. Concerned about the high fabric waste in the production process, Jaden designed her garments for less than 10% fabric waste. Ties were used instead of zippers, snaps, or other types of closures to make the garments fully compostable. Natural Sustainability is a collection designed to show that sustainability is possible by creating durable, natural, and comfortable garments.

Models for Jaden Evenson's line Natural Sustainability.
Model for Jaden Evenson's line Natural Sustainability walks runway.