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Elliot Florum
About Elliot

No matter the difficulty, Elliot Floum is up for the challenge with each new design he constructs - from creating a shoe from aluminum cans, CDs, sponges, and other recycled materials, to creating an outfit for Billie Eilish. His long-held passion for music often intersects with his design inspiration -  this can come from lyrics, music videos, album/single covers, and the artists’ personal style In addition to his design and construction skills, Elliot has a keen eye for creative direction - where the inspiration he takes from music coalesces into cohesive and unique moodboards and collections. Elliot hopes to be able to work in athleisure or streetwear-related apparel/footwear design come post-graduation. 


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 era, the sport of golf has seen a 27% increase in Generation Z and young Millennials. However, it is difficult for this group to find attire that fits their personality and character, while still being able to function as golf wear for the course. Most of the product is currently available has stayed constant for the past decade and mainly appeals to the country/private club golfer.  It’s time for golf attire to diversify, loosen up the industry’s rules, and give the young booming golf customer something new and easy to wear. Inspired by some of Elliot’s favorite musicians and personalities, Breakfast Ball bends the rules on what’s proper on the course. The main focus of this collection is the two physical pairs of shoes: one pair is for wearing to the course - something comfy and easy to slip on and off - the other pair is more practical for wearing on the course. 


Models for Elliot Floum's line Breakfast Ball.
Model for Elliot Floum's line Breakfast Ball walks runway.