Abby Harrold

Abby Harrold
About Abby

Abby Harrold is a Minneapolis-based aspiring apparel designer and creative. From a young age, Abby has been interested in art, fashion, and the process of creating. Her inspiration comes from the people close to her and the experiences that she considers most impactful. She is interested in creating garments that are unique, beautiful, and will not only allow people to express themselves, but to feel and look their best. 


Abby’s latest project, Antidote, is a collection of size-adjustable event dresses that are made to last even if the wearer goes up or down a size or two. The inspiration for this elevated event-wear collection comes from her own personal experiences with the fashion industry’s sizing issues including restricting garments and standard sizing that doesn’t fit people’s individual body shapes. The dresses in this collection are more environmentally-friendly, as they can be worn longer than a standard dress. Balancing subtle size-adjustable elements with bold colors and styles, this collection has a fun and wild yet elegant feel. The emphasis for this line is to construct fashion that is meant to fit our bodies, not the other way around.

Models for Abby Harrold's line Antidote.
Model for Abby Harrold's line Antidote walks runway.