Sauman (Sue) Chu

Professor, Graphic Design

Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Assessment and Accreditation, Office of Undergraduate Education

Academic Leadership Program Fellow, Big 10 Academic Alliance

Sauman (Sue) Chu is a Professor in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. She is also the Special Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education in the Office of Undergraduate Education. Her scholarship focuses on design research and creative applications of interactive technology, with particular focus on its usability and experience design for diverse audiences. Chu actively engages students in service-learning activities. She believes that service learning provides opportunity for students to engage in an important contribution to the community and learn about the social and cultural values of diverse communities.



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Selected Scholarship

  • McKinney, W., Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., Chu, S. Schladt, D., Hertz, M, Snyder, J., Kasiske, B., Valapour, M., & Israni, A. (2022). Deconstructing silos of knowledge around lung transplantation to support patients: A patient-specific search of Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients data. Transplantation. 106(8). 1517-1529. DOI:10.1097/TP.0000000000004051
  • S. D'Cunha, H., Partin, M, Kurschner, S. Chu, S., Bruin, M., McKinney, WT., & Hart, A., (2021). Journey To transplant: Developing a social support network counseling intervention to improve kidney transplantation. Health Expectations.DOI:10.1111/hex.13412
  • Chu, S., Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., McKinney, WT., & Israni, AK. (2021) Design of a patient-centered decision support tool when selecting an organ transplant center. PLOS ONE 16(5): e0251102.
  • McKinney, WT., Schaffhausen, C., Schladt, D., Bruin, MJ., Chu, S., Snyder, JJ., Martin, C., Alexy, T., Kasiske, B., Israni, AK. (2021) Designing a patient-specific search of transplant program performance and outcomes: Feedback from heart transplant candidates and recipients. Clinical Transplantation, 35 (2), 134-140.
  • Schaffhausen, C., Bruin MJ., Chu, S., McKinney, WT., Lake, JR., Chinnakotla, S., Israni, AK. (2021). Designing a liver transplant patient and family decision support tool for organ offer decisions. Transplantation Direct. 7(5):e69, 1-9.
  • Schaffhausen, C., Bruin M., Chu, S., Wey, A., McKinney, W., Snyder, JJ., Lake, JR., Matas AJ, Kasiske, BL., Israni, AK. (2020). Comparing pretransplant and posttransplant outcomes when choosing a transplant center: Focus groups and a randomized survey. Transplantation, 104: 201–210. DOI: 10.1097/ TP.0000000000002809
  • McKinney, W., Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., Chu, S. Schladt, D., Matas, A, Snyder, J., Kasiske, B., & Israni, A. (2020) Development of a patient specific search of transplant program outcomes and characteristics: Feedback from kidney transplant patients. Transplantation Direct, 6(8), 585-595. DOI: 0.1097/TXD.0000000000001036.
  • Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., Chu, S., Fu.H., McKinney, W., Schladt, D., Snyder, J., Kim, R., Lake, J., & Israni, A. (2020). Tool to aid patients in selecting a liver transplant center. Liver Transplanation, 26 (3), 337-348.
  • Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., Chu, S., Wey, A., McKinney, W., Matas, AJ., Snyder, J., Kasiske, B., & Israni, A. (2019). Comparing pretransplant and posttransplant outcomes when choosing a transplant center: focus groups and a randomized survey. Transplantation, DOI: 10.1097/TP.0000000000002809.
  • Hart, A., Bruin, B., Chu, S., Partin, M., & Israni, A. (2019). Decision support needs of kidney transplant candidates regarding the deceased donor waiting list: A qualitative study and conceptual framework. Clinical Transplantation, 33(5), 1-10. DOI: 10.1111/ctr.13530.
  • Schaffhausen, C., Bruin, M., Chu, S., Wey, A., Snyder, J., Kasiske, B., & Israni, A. (2018). The importance of transplant program measures: Surveys of 3 national patient advocacy groups. Clinical Transplantation, 32(12), 102-108. DOI: 10.1111/ctr.13426. 

Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

  • University Campus Curriculum Review Committee 2014-2017
  • University Senate Judicial Committee, Member. 2006-2012 
  • University Copyright Policy Advisory Committee, 2007 
  • University Senate, Member. 2000-2003 
  • Outreach and Engagement Committee, DHA Representative, 2004-2005. Chair, 2005-2006. 
  • International Program Committee, DHA Representative. 2000-2003. Chair, 2002-2003. 
  • DHA Policy and Advisory Committee, Chair. 2007-2009 
  • Reviewer, Designed Asia conferences. 2008-2012 
  • Reviewer, Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education. Pennsylvania: IGI Global. Manuscripts. 2007 


Resident and outreach teaching.

  • GDes 2342 Web Design 
  • GDes 2351 Graphic Design I: Text and Image 
  • GDes 3352 Graphic Design II: Identity and Symbols 
  • GDes 5383 Animation 
  • GDes 5386 Fundamentals of Game Design 

Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2018-19 Distinguished Teacher, Morse Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Nominee for Teaching Excellence Award CDES, 2010
  • Recipient, E-Teaching Excellence Award, 2006 
  • Nominee for McFarland Teaching Award, 2006 
  • Ramalynn Montessori Academy Website received third place at the Professional Category Design Educators National Exhibition, 2003. 
  • Abstration: Twelve Ages of Life II, Computer Illustration. Received first place the 2D Visual Arts category. Design Educators National Exhibition, 2000. 
  • In the Beginning. Received second place at the Art Inspired by Literature Regional Exhibition, 2000. 
  • Recipient, Teaching Excellence Award CDES, 2013 

Sauman (Sue) Chu

Sauman Chu

Specialties & Expertise:

Multiculturalism, Multilingual Design, Symbols, Interactive Design, Computer Game Design, Design Education, Cross-Cultural Research 


240 McNeal Hall
1985 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
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