Rebecca Krinke


Director of Graduate Studies, Landscape Architecture

Rebecca Krinke is focused on students, teaching, and her trans-disciplinary art/design practice – where her work ranges from outdoor permanent built works, to temporary traveling installations, to sculpture in galleries, and participatory public events. Students are always employed in her practice, and her practice inspires her teaching.

Krinke became a landscape architect out of a deep love and connection to nature. At Sasaki Associates and the Central Artery Project in Boston, her focus was urban parks and public infrastructural space. She began making sculpture as a way to be more directly involved with materials, making, and non-traditional ideas of the landscape. It was this hybrid work in landscape architecture-art that led to her being invited to teach at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design with George Hargreaves.


MFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

BLA, University of Minnesota


Selected Scholarship

Over time, Krinke's work has increasing integrated her interests in public space, private experience, memory, healing, and our emotional and spiritual connection to place. Krinke outlines two current threads of her work:

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The Dakota Language Table

I am a core member of the Healing Place Collaborative, an indigenous-led (Dakota) group of artists, designers, and other professionals who share an interest in exploring how Minnesota (Dakota Homeland) is a place of healing and a place in need of healing. I proposed, and am now leading a collaboration of Dakota teachers and MLA students, in the creation of a sculptural table that incorporates Dakota cosmology and teachings in its construction. This project will serve as a focal point of public teaching and programming—as it travels from outdoor to indoor sites.

Dream Work

Dream Work is a series of bed sculptures (at Rosalux Gallery) and outdoor environments (at Northern Spark Festival) exploring ideas and sensations from dreams and nightmares. I organized participatory events to collect dreams written and/or illustrated from the public, sparking intimate conversations in public settings. This work underscores what is kept private, what is made public---and how public and private spaces influence/inspire that.

Krinke observes, “These works and my previous works create temporary social spaces for emotional engagement and catharsis, and have made it clear to me that there is an opportunity (or necessity) for new types of objects and spatial typologies to address a wider range of human emotion and need.” 

Her work as co-leader of three international artist-designer-academic networks: Healing Place Collaborative, Mapping Spectral Traces, and Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality expand definitions of landscape architecture and positions her work and department worldwide. Krinke’s overarching agenda is to continue to expand the discipline and profession through her critical, experimental, and multidisciplinary practice, research, teaching, and public engagement to create new settings and experiences that address the illuminate and interrogate ideas of memory/healing/emotion/place.



  • University of Minnesota
  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Boston Architectural Center


  • LA5201 Making Landscape Spaces and Types
  • LA8555 Capstone Studio


  • Artist-in-Residence, Weisman Art Museum, Target Studio for Creative Collaboration, 2016-17
  • Imagine Fund Individual Faculty Award, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
  • Northrop Fellow Award, College of Design, 2013
  • Institute for Advanced Study Symposium Award
  • Ralph Rapson Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Award of Recognition for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service
  • Faculty Fellowship Award, Metropolitan Design Center

Public Works + Exhibitions

Public Works

  • Bird/Body, installation for vacant storefront at 520 Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis, commissioned by Made Here MN, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Minneapolis, MN, 2015.
  • Dream Window, participatory public art, commissioned by Northern Spark, for the Northern Spark Festival, site: Mill City Museum Ruin Courtyard, Minneapolis, 2015.
  • Augmented Broadway, a public art project employing an augmented reality application for smartphones on Broadway Street; I was one of 10 artists commissioned by Sacramento Metropolitan Arts, Sacramento, CA, 2014.
  • Black Box Camera Obscura, participatory public art, Northrop Plaza, University of Minnesota, sponsored by “Pop-Up Northrop”, 2013.
  • What Needs To Be Said?, participatory public art, vacant storefront, University Avenue, St. Paul, MN, sponsored by The Starling Project, 2012.
  • Flood Stories, participatory public art, sponsored by the Plains Art Museum (PAM) and the City of Fargo, two-day event and installation at PAM, 2012.
  • Visitation, ongoing public field trips with guest speakers at locations pertinent to their stories/knowledge: broadly related to the word “visitation”, February 2011-12.
  • Unseen/Seen: The Mapping of Joy and Pain, a temporary, traveling work of participatory public art-design, Minneapolis and St. Paul parks, Walker Art Center, Minnesota Sate Fair, July-September 2010.
  • The Table for Contemplation and Action (A Place to Share Beauty and Fear), Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota, sculptural environment for emotional engagement (writing of fears/contemplation of nature), installed in Rapson Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2009-2013.
  • Table for Remembering and Forgetting, sculpture-site art, Franconia Sculpture Park, Franconia, MN, constructed 2008.
  • The Present Moment Project: Creating a Contemplative Environment for Stress Reduction on Campus Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota, a series of interior installations in sequence using rock, light, water, mirror, and sculptural furnishings, with Professor Diane Willow and Dr. Henry Emmons, M.D. Nolte Center, Rapson Hall, Regis Center, constructed 2007-09.
  • Dr. Martha Ripley Memorial Garden, Minneapolis, MN, a memorial to one of the first women doctors in Minnesota, with Joseph Favour, landscape architect, constructed 2007.
  • Site Index: Rapson Hall West Courtyard, public art-site design, collaboration with John Roloff, artist constructed 2005.
  • Coppice: Avenue of the Arts Project: Minneapolis, MN, a grove of aspens and grasses create a new contemplation of nature in the city, constructed 2004.
  • Otherwise: Forest Transformation, design of a new contemplative space for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, constructed 2003.
  • Great Island Memorial Garden, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Site selection, design, and construction documents, with Randall Imai, architect, of a commemorative and contemplative landscape, constructed 2000.

Recent Exhibtions

  • What Needs to Be Said?, (new version of the 2012 installation of the same name) participatory sculpture, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN September 2016-May 2017.
  • Dream Work, solo show, Franconia in the City Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2016.
  • Public event: Dream collecting performance and audience participation, to be held February 4, 2016.
  • 118th Annual Exhibition, group show, Scottish Society of Artists, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2016.
  • Low Lying Area, two-person show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2015.
  • thinking making living, group show, Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2014.
  • Incident, two-person show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2014.
  • Public event: I invited the Minneapolis-based literary group Hazel & Wren to create an event; they curated an audience generated poem and a poetry reading, July 24, 2014.
  • inside, for a short amount of time, two-person show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2014.
  • Public event: I invited Jack Zipes, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, and scholar of the fairy tale to give a gallery talk on the exhibition, January 25, 2014.
  • Green, group show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.
  • Undertow, two-person show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.
  • Public event: I invited anthropologist Dr. Stuart McLean and Elaine Rutherford invited Dr. Cindy Malone, writer and Professor of English to reflect on the exhibition, January 26, 2013.
  • shadows traces undercurrents, group show, Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art, 2012.
  • Bodies-Space-Memory, group show, Black Box Theater GalleryGalway, Ireland, 2012.
  • Ossuary, part of Compendium, group show, Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, WI, 2012.
  • XXL, group show, Burnsville Center for the Arts, Burnsville, MN, 2012.
  • 10th Anniversary Show, group show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.
  • Field Trip: Sculpture at Silverwood, Silverwood Park, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.
  • Platinum Black, group show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2011.
  • Space, Place, and Spectral Trace, group show, BV Gallery, Bristol, England, UK, 2011.
  • Visitation, solo show, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2011.
  • Public events: I invited three performers to create a site specific performance piece that responded to/took place in my gallery installation; it was performed twice to over a hundred people. I also created 4 (weekly) field trips to places broadly related to the theme of visitation during the exhibition, which then continued on for several months. A person with a connection to the selected place gave a public talk.
  • Mapping Spectral Traces, Experiential Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 2010.


Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke


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