Brad Hokanson


Professor, Graphic Design

Design Graduate Program Director

Mertie Buckman Professor of Design



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Selected Scholarship

  • Hokanson, B. (2015). The question as technology: Structure and use in education, Educational Technology 55(6) 14-24.
  • Bart, W. M., Hokanson, B., Sahin, I., Abdelsamea, M.A. (2015): An investigation of the gender differences in creative thinking abilities among 8th and 11th grade students. Thinking Skills and Creativity 17:17-24.
  • Im, H., Hokanson, B. & Johnson, K. (2015). Teaching Creative Problem Solving Skills: A Longitudinal Study, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. [33] 129-142.
  • Hokanson, B. & McCluske, M. (2014). Creativity and a massive course: Experience and observations with teaching a MOOC, Educational Technology 54(5) 22-29.
  • Hokanson, B. & Karlson, R. (2013). Borderlands: Developing character strengths for a knowmadic world. On the Horizon. 21[2] 107-113. Emerald.
  • Hokanson, B. & Gibbons, A., (Editors.) (2014). Design in educational technology: Design thinking, design process, and the design studio. New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN-13: 978-3319009261 |
  • Clinton, G. & Hokanson, B. (2012). Creativity in the training and practice of instructional designers: The Design/Creativity Loops Model. Educational Technology Research and Development. 60[1] 111-130.
  • Hokanson, B. & Miller, C. (2009). Role-based design: A contemporary framework for innovation and creativity in instructional design. Educational Technology 49(2) 21-28.
  • Hokanson, B. (2007). By measure: Creativity in design. Journal of Industry and Higher Education21(5) 353-359
  • Hokanson, B., & Hooper, S. (2001). Observations from a learning software design competition. Tech Trends, 45(2), 3-4.

Refereed Presentations

  • Hokanson, B. (2015). Creativity in education, a workshop at the Association for Educational Communication and Technology Conference, 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana. [11.4.15]
  • Hokanson, B. (2015). Design beyond content: Changing the focus of educational technology, a presentation at the IDD@UGA Conference 2015, Athens, Georgia. [8.21.15]
  • Lawrence, J. &. Hokanson, B. (2015). Peer evaluations and online learning, a paper presentation at the Wisconsin Distance Learning Conference 2015, Madison, Wisconsin. [8.13.15]
  • Hokanson, B. (2014 + 2015). Data Visualization for education, a workshop at the Wisconsin Distance Learning Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. [8.10.15, 8.11.15]
  • Hokanson, B &. Lawrence, J. (2015). Mixed marriage: Integrating massive online courses with degree programs, A presentation at the Minnesota eLearning Summit, 2015, Minneapolis, MN. [07.29.15]
  • Hokanson, B. and Bart, W. (2014). Creativity, state standards, and regional competiveness: A research projecta presentation at the American Creativity Association Conference 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [9.12.14]

Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

  • President-Elect 2016, Association for Educational Communications and Technology. AECT is the leading professional organization for instructional design and educational technology, with a membership over 2000 and international affiliates in 14 countries.
  • The design of learning experience: Creating the future of educational technology. Conceptualized, developed and presented the 2014 Summer Research Symposium for the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Jacksonville, Florida. [7.16-18.14]
  • The Design of Learning Experience: the future of educational technology, led the 2014 Summer Research Symposium for the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Louisville, Kentucky. [7.18-20.12]


Resident and outreach teaching.

  • DES 1111 Creative Problem Solving
  • DES 8164 Innovation Theory and Analysis
  • DES 5388 Graphic Design Research
  • HSEM 2106 Visual and Critical Thinking
  • Coursera Massive Online Open Course: Creative Problem Solving

Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2014 Presidential Award, AECT for the Summer Research Symposium

Brad Hokanson

Brad Hokanson

Specialties & Expertise:

Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation


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St. Paul, MN 55108
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