Designers have the power to transform the medical field. With their focus on user-centric design, designers improve and reimagine health care experiences to center patients and caregivers. The development of educational toys for children with Congenital Heart Disease, the creation of tools to help patients with type 1 diabetes, and the redesign of UV protective hats are a few of the ways College of Design faculty and students are working to improve health care.

A diagram of a dinosaur stuffed animal.
Product Design Prototypes Educate & Empower Patients

An educational toy for children with Congenital Heart Disease and a smart scale to help individuals with type 1 diabetes track their food are two design projects awarded grants by the MIN-CORPS MVP Challenge. Highly competitive, grants are awarded to help entrants bring a product concept one step closer to reality.

Students Design UV Protective Hats for Children with Rare Cancer Syndrome

As part of a collaboration with the College of Biological Sciences, apparel design students designed a better hat option for people living with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), an inherited disease that causes an individual to be extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

Protective hats for individuals with XP