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The Bachelor of Science in product design is a four-year interdisciplinary degree with a foundation based in principles of industrial design. As a student you will take traditional industrial design classes in concept sketching, model making, and computer modeling as well as a studio sequence. However, this is not a traditional industrial design program. To innovate in today’s society, a designer must have a basic understanding of engineering, human needs, and the market. Our program requires you to also take classes in physics, engineering, computer programming, and entrepreneurship. This truly is an interdisciplinary major designed for “polymaths”—individuals who excel in both “right brain” and “left brain” activities.

There are many product design electives to choose from to allow students to tailor their major towards: entrepreneurship, furniture design, marketing, anthropology, art, human factors and many other disciplines.

Career possibilities
Portfolio Review

Portfolio review ensures that you have acquired an understanding of essential design knowledge from foundation-level classes and are prepared to move on to more advanced coursework. Following a typical course load, you can expect your portfolio to be reviewed in the second semester of the product design program. You must pass the review in order to continue on with your coursework and complete your degree

To participate in portfolio review, you must be a pre-product design major with an overall GPA of at least 2.50 and a minimum grade of C- in required courses.

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Courses to be complete or in progress
Required Internship

Internships provide real world experience and portfolio content to prepare you for the demanding field of product design. You are required to complete at least one internship to graduate. Students are not able to register for internship credits until completing Studio 1. More information and answers to frequently asked internship questions can be found here.

Learning Abroad
Ancient stone masks on display in a museum in Sicily, Italy

Go global with product design and gain invaluable cultural experience while earning credit toward your major. Experience cities such as London, Copenhagen, or Auckland

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