Putting the Lawn to Rest: Rethinking Cemetery Perpetual Care Practices

MLA/MURP (Dual Degree)

A rendering of people gardening

Student Name: Isaac Hase-Raney


Project Name: Putting the Lawn to Rest: Rethinking Perpetual Care Practices for Historic Urban Cemeteries; Crystal Lake Cemetery, Minneapolis


Course: Capstone


Course Instructor: Joseph Favour/Rebecca Krinke


Cemeteries in American cities are reaching capacity and as a result are facing the slow moving dilemma of long-term care once regular income has ceased. Many cemeteries have perpetual care funds for this reason, but a key feature of perpetual care is the assumption that cemeteries will remain lawn-garden landscapes in perpetuity. With changes in perpetual care financial resilience, in climate, in popular preferences for sacred landscapes, and in stakeholder groups, what are more sustainable alternatives for the long-term upkeep of these vast spaces?


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