Lost on Cypress; Atlanta, Georgia

Master of Landscape Architecture Program

Student Name: Tyler Smith

Project Name: Lost on Cypress; Atlanta, Georgia

Course: Capstone

Course Instructor: Joseph Favour/Rebecca Krinke


Queer bodies, much like other marginalized bodies, experience public space in a way that is different from what has traditionally been at the center of theoretical understandings and teachings of design and architecture. The goal of this project is to foster an understanding of how historically queer approaches to space—especially through looking at typologies of cruising grounds, bars, and bathhouses—can really begin to be understood as radical reorganizational strategies with regards to public space. By positioning a pleasure garden at the nexus of many of Atlanta’s lost queer spaces, this project hopes to investigate the ways in which the visual, spatial, and experiential language of queer pleasure can help to better conceptualize more revolutionary approaches to public space.


An illustrated map of Cypress locations.
An abstract illustration of a downtown street.
A rendering of different sections of a street front.