Ceding Control, Inviting Care; Minneapolis/St. Paul

Master of Landscape Architecture Program

Student Name: Kyle Franta

Project Name: Ceding Control, Inviting Care; Minneapolis / St. Paul

Course: Capstone

Course Instructor: Joseph Favour/Rebecca Krinke


In what is now Minneapolis/St. Paul, wild rice once thrived within the Mississippi River. This natural grain provided a significant and stable food source for Dakota and Ojibwe people and was a symbol of a healthy ecosystem. Due to the commodification and exploitation of the river, this grass no longer grows along this stretch of the Mississippi River. Here, wild rice is only a memory. This project explores big questions surrounding food sovereignty, environmental justice, and land recovery through the design of a series of interpretive docks.

Can wild rice be welcomed back to the urban Mississippi River?


A side view rendering of a platform to grow rice.
A black and white rendering of a dock on the Mississippi River.