Landscape Architecture MS

Landscape architecture student working on a model in the studio

Our Master of Science in Landscape Architecture (MSLA) program is a three-semester, research-oriented degree program, designed for students interested in landscape architecture as a scholarly discipline.

Program Details

Your course of study in the MSLA program is highly flexible and allows you to build a customized plan that supports your area of interest while collaborating directly with faculty. The program culminates in a Master’s thesis paper or project, making it an excellent choice for designers looking to hone their skills and develop a specialization. This degree is for advanced study and research in the discipline and is not an accredited degree. Please note, admission is contingent upon finding a faculty member prepared to act as an advisor for your research.

Credit Overview

Master of Science in Landscape Architecture Degree

The MSLA degree has a strong research focus and often serves as a precursor to doctoral study. In other cases, the MSLA is pursued in conjunction with a professional degree, such as an MLA or M.Arch.

MSLA Overview
  • 30 total credits
    • 6 departmental credits
    • 6 elective/minor credits in area of interest
    • 8 elective credits
    • 10 thesis credits
  • For students concurrently pursuing an MLA, no more than 8 credits can overlap between the two degrees


Full Requirements & Course Descriptions

Learn more about the MSLA by contacting the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Concurrent Degrees

Students in the MSLA program may concurrently pursue an MLA. Application and acceptance to both programs is required to pursue the degrees concurrently. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact their advisor or the Graduate Program Coordinator for details.


Learn more about the MSLA by contacting the Graduate Program Coordinator.