Integrated BDA + M.Arch

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About the program

Program Details

High-achieving students in our school’s Bachelor of Design in Architecture (BDA) major can apply to integrate the BDA degree with our professional, Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree. 

Students in this accelerated program begin taking graduate-level studios, history and technology courses during their undergraduate senior year, and then complete our M.Arch degree program in the following two years as a graduate student. For most students, this means earning an M.Arch degree in six years rather than seven. 

Because students substantially complete their undergraduate degree requirements by the end of their junior year, the accelerated program is a great option for students seeking a wide range of academic coursework as a foundation to graduate study, including minor degrees in other disciplines or University Honors Program students, or who are seeking a more-customized pathway to the M.Arch, including students with significant transfer or AP credits.

Students interested in the accelerated BDA + M.Arch develop an integrated degree plan with their academic advisors and apply to the program during their junior year.  


The accelerated BDA + M.Arch is a sub-plan of the BDA major degree. 

  • Coursework is taken on an A/F grade base and must be a C- or better.
  • Up to 12 credits of the required M.Arch curriculum may be used to complete BDA degree requirements. 
  • You must be in good academic standing (including a recommended 3.8 GPA within the BDA major.

Eligibility to apply is based on your major GPA (your GPA based on the architecture courses used for your degree requirements) as well as your overall GPA.  A major GPA of 3.8 or higher is preferred. 

Application materials for the accelerated BDA + M.Arch program are the same as those required for the M.Arch degree, including a portfolio, letters of recommendation, and writing samples. 

Apply or Ask Questions

Your academic advisor or transfer counselor can offer guidance for adding the accelerated sub-plan to your BDA major degree. You can also get started by reviewing the Accelerated BDA Application