Design Graduate Program: Architecture

Architecture Track: PHD

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Our design graduate program focuses on the study of relationships between humans and their designed objects and environments. Students applying to the design graduate program may choose from four different tracks, including the architecture track.

Program Details

The architecture track of the Design Graduate Program advances architecture as a knowledge-based field, focusing on a student’s particular area of interest. Applicants to the architecture track should have a professional degree, a defined topic of architectural study and, a plan for investigation. 

The architecture track provides a background in theory and research methods that responds to individual student interests. Building on previous knowledge, you may pursue study in a variety of areas including history/theory/culture, representation, design, and design methods, technology, and professional practice, with the goal of adding to the knowledge base of the field. Upon completing the degree, you will be prepared for research positions in professional practice and academia. 


Doctor of Philosophy Degree Option

Doctoral study in the architecture track of the design graduate program is intended for students interested in academic research who seek to become professors or deepen their professional practice.

PhD Overview
  • 4 years (full-time)
  • 64 total credits
    • 28 major credits
    • 12 outside-major/minor credits
    • 24 dissertation credits
  • Preliminary oral committee examination
  • Final dissertation defense
Full Requirements and Course Descriptions

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Research and Creative Scholarship

On-site facilities like the Fabrication Shops, Center for Sustainable Building Research, and Minnesota Design Center as well as faculty-led research projects are redefining architecture as a discipline and practice.