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Undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program learn architecture through core design studios alongside an extensive range of history, theory, and building technology courses. As a pre-professional degree, the BS degree introduces you to the many factors that shape built environments, including socio-cultural, ecological, environmental, material, technological, and historical forces. The BS degree is for students who are interested in a thorough sequence of coursework that focuses on architecture and design at the building scale and for building systems.  

Studio-based learning

Architecture education in our pre-professional degree program is structured around five semester-long design studios addressing core learning areas: material assemblies, site considerations, program considerations, urban design, and advanced design.  Alongside each studio students take a range of required and elective technology and history courses. This sequence of courses allows each student to develop visual literacy and design expertise; understand the role of history and precedent; learn best practices for integrating; spatial representation through analog and digital drawing in a deep and meaningful way.

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Learning Abroad
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Studying abroad enriches your learning by exposing you to diverse cultures and built environments. Architecture students can customize a learning abroad experience anywhere in the world, or study globally with courses we’ve helped to shape or have pre-approved, in cities like Sydney, Copenhagen, or Auckland. In addition to semester-long options, architecture faculty propose shorter, three-week offerings at the beginning of each summer.

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