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Research & Outreach


The College of Design is committed to disseminating its teaching, research, and expertise to a wide variety of audiences in addition to our undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to teaching and research, outreach is a key component of the University of Minnesota's tripartite mission.


The College of Design contains college-wide research and outreach units, departmental research and outreach units, and a half-dozen interdisciplinary research and outreach units with college affiliation. Service to alumni and members of the professional design community includes continuing education courses and mentor and alumni societies. And, each semester, our college-wide lecture series is open to the public and available via podcast.


The College of Design encourages faculty and students to engage in problem-focused research and outreach. The college's research and outreach units include centers, laboratories, museums, consortia, and institutes of regional, national and international importance. These learning communities focus on providing innovative solutions to design problems, cutting-edge information to their constituencies, and thought-provoking opportunities for student service learning.


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