Changing Your Major

Changing to another major within the College of Design

You must meet the admission requirements for the major to which you want to apply. If you are applying to change to a Design, Housing, and Apparel major (except Housing Studies), your application will be added to the application pool for the following fall term. If you want to change majors within the College of Design, contact College of Design Student Services to set up an appointment.

Changing to a major outside of the College of Design

If you wish to transfer OUT OF the College of Design and into a major in another U of M college, you need to complete and submit the Change of College (PDF) form, which is also available in 12 McNeal, 107 Rapson, or at any OneStop Service Center.   We strongly encourage you to connect with College of Design Student Services to discuss the change of college processes and deadlines.

Undecided about your choice of major?

If you know that your current College of Design major is not for you, but you are uncertain – or have no idea! – about which major you want, we can help. Contact College of Design Student Services and we’ll help you find a major that makes sense for you, academically and personally.