Degree Clearance

All students must meet the following criteria to be granted a Bachelor's degree from the College of Design at the University of Minnesota:

  • all major coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or higher
  • overall GPA of 2.00 or higher
  • complete all degree requirements listed on your APAS
  • complete a minimum of 120 total credits

* Apply by April 1, 2018, to be invited to the annual commencement ceremony on May 12, 2018.

APPLY for your degree at UMN One Stop.

Degree Application

  1. Review your APAS. Confirm that all requirements are complete or in progress.

    If not all requirements have been met, work with your academic advisor to discuss a plan for completing the requirements or making substitutions if appropriate.

    Don't apply for your degree for a term in which you will not actually complete your requirements. (For example, if you know you will need to take a class in the fall 2018 term, don't apply for your degree for the summer 2018 term.)
  2. Apply online at UMN One Stop.

    The best time to apply for your degree is right after you have registered for your final term's classes.

    After final grades are posted for the term you've applied to graduate, College of Design Student Services reviews your transcript and APAS, or program form to see if you have finished all your program requirements.

    If you have completed your work, College of Design Student Services contacts the Office of the Registrar where the clearance is certified. Your degree cannot be granted until all requirements have been completed and all grades, credits, transfer coursework, etc. have been officially posted to your University transcript.

    If you have not finished your program requirements, College of Design Student Services will send you a Notice of Missing Requirements, outlining exactly what you still have left to complete for graduation. You will then need to reapply for the term in which you will actually complete your coursework.

    If you have not completed all graduation requirements by the end of the term in which you applied to graduate, it is your responsibility to notify College of Design Student Services when these requirements are complete.
  3. When your graduation clearance is certified, the degree is posted on your transcript by the Office of the Registrar, making it official that you have earned your degree.
  4. Your diploma will be mailed within 3-4 months to your home address listed in your MyU.

    If you have any outstanding charges from the University (e.g., library materials, past due tuition), you will not be able to  obtain a transcript showing your degree and your diploma will not be mailed.

Graduating with Distinction and/or Latin Honors

  • Latin Honors: for students participating in the University Honors Program (UHP)
  • If you graduate with an overall GPA of 3.750 – 3.889, you will earn a level of Distinction.
  • If you graduate with an overall GPA of 3.900 or higher, you will earn a level of High Distinction.