Dropping and Adding Courses

You may make changes to your registration online or in person at a One Stop Service Center.  The University has a strict policy on when you may add or drop courses, so be sure to pay attention to the official dates and requirements for canceling and adding courses. Also, be aware of tuition charges and refunds for course additions and cancellations -- tuition refunds decrease the later you officially cancel!

Dropping all courses in a term

If you have extenuating circumstances that warrant your dropping all courses in a semester, you should contact your academic advisor as soon as possible. Because of your circumstances, you may be able to petition the Office of the Registrar for a tuition refund. Please note: this decision is not made by the College of Design.   

“One-time drop”

There is ONE exception to the deadline for dropping courses. The "one-time drop" allows U of M undergraduate students to do ONE late drop (that is, after the eighth week). If you want to utilize your “one-time drop” option, go to 12 McNeal Hall or 107 Rapson Hall to fill out a petition form, which will be approved if you haven’t used it before. The last day to do this is the last day of instruction for the term, not the last day of finals. Check the academic calendar for the current term's dates. Remember, though, you can only use this option once!