Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Degree Components
You need to complete a minimum of 120 semester credits to graduate with a bachelor's degree. Your degree will consist mainly of courses in your major and in liberal education. (Note for architecture students: Students may complete only one of the three degree options we offer.)

Liberal Education and Writing Intensive Requirements:
The liberal education and writing intensive requirements are the same for all U of M undergraduate students.

CDes Major Requirements:
Your major is the largest portion of your CDes degree. For the most accurate information about your major requirements check your APAS. Information is available for students whose major requires an internship.

After you’ve finished all your liberal education and major requirements, you still may not have earned the 120 credits you need to graduate. In this case, you need to take elective credits. These can be courses you take for fun, that complement your major, or that you turn into a minor.

Double Dip

Some courses are approved to meet two requirements. For example, one course may count toward both a liberal education requirement and a requirement in your major. Or, one course might fulfill two liberal education requirements. Your Four-year Plan shows which major courses fulfill liberal education requirements.