First Year Guide: Landscape Architecture

Two Tracks: Landscape Design and Landscape Planning

You will choose one academic track to focus on, depending on your interests and career goals. Discuss your options with your academic advisor. While you may select a track at orientation, you are allowed to change your choice at any point. However, we recommend you discuss this with your advisor so that you plan and register for appropriate courses because the curriculum differs significantly between the two tracks.


The design track prepares students for a career in landscape design at the residential and small-scale commercial level. It includes courses in biological sciences, plant materials, landscape management, and small business management.


The planning track prepares students for work as technicians in the fields of urban and regional planning and landscape architecture. The curriculum includes courses in urban geography, urban and regional planning, natural resource planning and management, and biological and physical sciences.


You will complete a required internship that will provide you with an opportunity for hands-on experience in your discipline. Your faculty advisor and Career & Internship Services will help as you formulate your learning goals and find an internship site.  

Summer Courses

Most of the major-specific courses are offered only during the academic year, so we recommend that you not depend on using summers to move ahead in your major program.

Review of Transfer Work

Students who wish to submit transfer studio work for review in lieu of requirements must do so after admission to the program and prior to their orientation session. Please note that approved work from studio courses taken at other universities rarely shortens the four-year length of the program.

Accelerated Option

The accelerated option allows qualified undergraduates to complete the B.E.D. (Bachelor of Environmental Design) and M.L.A. (Master of Landscape Architecture) degrees in six years rather than seven. Talk to your academic advisor if you are interested in this option.