First Year Guide: Communication

U of M Email

Your U of M email is the official means of communication at the University and a primary mode of communication between you and your academic advisor. Be sure to read all messages sent from your advisor, as you are responsible for reading and understanding the information. If questions arise, please contact your advisor.

If you forward your U of M account to another email address, be sure to use your U of M email account when sending messages to us so that we can be sure we’re really communicating with you. For security purposes, U of M advisors, faculty, and staff can only email you at your U of M address.

Email Etiquette

  • Among friends, email is informal, but be sure to think and write professionally when emailing U of M faculty and staff.
  • Clearly identify yourself (name and student ID) and refer to the specific course and section number you are in.
  • Be specific in the subject line. “Help” is not at all helpful. Try, “Help needed with Monday’s literature review assignment.”
  • Be resourceful and proactive. Don’t email your instructor or TA for information just because it’s easier than looking for it on your own.
  • Be courteous and respectful, and don’t expect an immediate response. Some faculty and staff only check email a couple of times each week.
  • When replying to a message, include the original message to remind the recipient of the conversation’s context. 

Information Resources

Throughout the year, there will be many events, announcements, and opportunities that you’ll want to know about. To help you stay on top of them all, CDes and the U of M have a variety of information sources that will serve you well. You will want to read these email announcements, as well as keep an eye on the flyers posted in Rapson Hall and McNeal Hall.

  • Career News: Career tips, career events and programs, and highlights of job and internship openings related to your major
  • CDes Student News: College of Design scholarship opportunities, design competitions, and more
  • Design News: College of Design news and events
  • Undergrad Update: University-wide events, resources, and information for undergraduate students