Fabrication Shops

The Fabrication Shops provide College of Design students a safe and collaborative environment for the development of material literacy and process knowledge. The Shops provide a full complement of power and hand tools for the manipulation of wood, metals, plastics and composites.. Fabrication staff provide user assistance, training and supervision while offering users an extensive knowledge of materials, tools, processes and safety. Instructors of courses which will utilize Fabrication Recources are encouraged to contact Fabrication staff to arrange for an introduction to area capabilities and procedures. Unsafe use of Fabrication facilities or equipment may result in revocation of access to the facility.

Fabricaton Areas - 6500ft2

  • 2400ft2 W.L Hall Workshop -two tablesaws, six bandsaws, two mitersaws, 20" planer, 12" jointer, two drill presses, scroll saw, numerous sanders, plus a wide variety of portable power tools and hand tools.
  • 1050ft2 Metal Shop - CNC plasma cutter, vertical bandsaw, horizontal bandsaw, drill press, milling machine, lathe, ironworker, jump shear, magnetic brake, MIG, TIG and gas welding, sanders, grinders, benders, hand and portable power tools.
  • 1300ft2 Fabrication Annex - 24 hr workspace - 3 bandsaws, sanders, spray booth
  • 600ft2 CNC Lab - 1)49"x97"x12", 1)49"x49"x9" CNC router with automatic tool change and vacuum table
  • 500ft2 Laser Lab - 6) 18"x32" 150 watt laser cutters
  • 200ft2 3Dprint Lab - 3)Dimension SST1200es, 1) Fortus 250mc
  • 450ft2 FABstore.

The FABstore stocks a small supply of frequently used materials for sale to shop users.  This stock includes: Acrylic sheet, PETG plastic sheet, MDF, Homasote, chipboard, basswood sheets and sticks, thin plywood, dowels, abrasives and adhesives.