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CNC links

MecSoft RhinoCam MILL Quick Start
complete overview of RhinoCAM functionality.

LinkedIn Learning: Up and Running with RhinoCAM

MecSoft YouTube Channel
More instructions on RhinoCAM and other MecSoft applications.

MAKE: CNC Router Basics
An overview of CNC routing key concepts to get you started.

Google Earth to SketchUp
step-by-step streaming tutorial for importing topography from Google Earth to SketchUp to prepare for CNC machining.

SketchUp topography to RhinoCam
step-by-step streaming tutorial on making toolpaths to CNC machine topography from a .3DS file created in SketchUp.

all things Rhino from our friends at McNeal Miami and RhinoFabStudio: it's really, really cool.

SU DesignWorks You-Tube channel
great comprehensive step-by-step RhinoCam instructions from our friends at Syracuse University. Other good stuff Thanks Tim!

This handy Rhino plug-in will allow you to create a surface from curves. It is very useful for generating a machinable model from GIS data. We are investigating purchasing this plug-in, but for the time being you will have to download a trial version.

DAAP Topographic Model Preparation
another tutorial on using Rhino to turn GIS data into a CNC-ready model. From the staff of Rapid Prototyping Center in Cincinatti.

CDES CNC tool library
Load this tool library into RhinoCam before working on toolpaths, note feedrates for different materials. FEEDRATES ARE GENERAL - THEY MAY NEED TO BE ADJUSTED DEPENDING ON PART GEOMETRY AND MATERIAL BEING MILLED.