Fabrication Shops

The Fabrication Shops are supported primarily by College of Design collegiate fees, access is limited to work directly related to College of Design courses and research activities.

3D printing, CNC routing and self-service laser cutting are available to all University areas with associated fees; however, College of Design coursework and research always has priority access.

Spring 2020 Hours

Please note in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Fabrication Shops will be closed through Wednesday, April 1. This closure may be extended and, if so, this page will be updated accordingly.

Rapson Shops

139 Rapson Hall

Monday–Friday: 9:00am–9:45 pm

Saturday: 12:00–4:45 pm

Sunday: 2:00–9:45 pm

Rapson FABstore and Laser Lab

127 & 129 Rapson Hall

Monday–Thursday: 9:00am–9:45 pm

Friday: 9:00 am–5:45 pm

Saturday: 12:00–5:45 pm

Sunday: 2:00–9:45 pm

McNeal Laser Lab

334A McNeal Hall

Monday and Wednesday: 3:00 pm–6:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 4:00 pm–6:00 pm

Contact Us

139 Rapson Hall | designfab@umn.edu | 612.624.9093


Molly Sanford, Fabrication Shop Director

Justin Kindelspire, Digital Fabrication Specialist

Annie Henly, Fabrication Technician

Austin Kedrowski, Fabrication Technician  

Ben Herda, Fabrication Technician

Greg Flanagan, Fabrication Technician

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Click on image for dos and don'ts for each piece of equipment.



2) 10" Sawstop Cabinet Saws
2) 12" Miter Saws
16" x 42" wood lathe
16"x42" Wood Lathe(2nd benchtop)
20" planer
20" Helical Head Planer

Drill Press

Belt/Disc sander

12" Belt/Disc Sander (2@1"x5")


Piranha p_50 Ironworker
Piranha P50 Ironworker
12" x 36" metal lathe
12"x 36" Metal Lathe
9" x 42" Knee mill
9"x42" Knee Mill
belt/disc sander
6" Belt/10" Disc sander
20" Vertical Bandsaw
20" Vertical Bandsaw
7x12 horizontal bandsaw

6"x10" Horizontal Bandsaw
drill press
15" Drill Press
37" foot shear
37" Foot Shear

48" magnetic brake48" Magnetic Brake
finger brake
48" Box and Pan Brake

Hossfeld #2

Hossfeld #2 Metal Bender
mig welding
MIG Welding
tig welding
TIG Welding
gas welding
Gas Welding