Beyond the Classroom

Service Learning Courses in the College of Design

Program Information by Type


Diverse programs, both on and off campus, connect students to community partners for design-based assistance. The categories below are determined by the type of opportunity that is offered.

Specific positions in research, design, or aid connect individual students or faculty with community organizations and government agencies.

Specific design projects connect teams of students, faculty, and/or professionals with community organizations and government agencies. Most have formal application processes for both communities and students.

  • Architecture for Humanity- design assistance for global crises and local community; does not have any formal application process
  • Corridor Housing Initiative- community development for neighborhoods bordering transit corridors
  • Direct Design Assistance- offers design assistance to local communities and employs students
  • Freedom by Design- design build assistance for elderly and disabled persons through a student organization
  • Minnesota Design Team- design and planning assistance for an entire rural community
  • Search for Shelter- charette for nonprofits associated with affordable housing and homelessness; involves student, faculty, professional, and community member participation

Opportunities that are either not defined in other categories or do not directly involve college students.

  • Faculty Interactive Research Program- faculty grants for research closely involving community organizations and/or government agencies
  • New Initiatives- an opportunity for students, faculty, organizations, and agencies to propose a service learning project not covered by any other programs