Service Learning Courses in the College of Design

College of design

A visitor at the Center for Hmong Arts and Talents Festival participates in a survey for the Affordable Housing Initiative.


A number of courses in the College of Design involve a significant component of community-based learning.

College of Design Service Learning Courses

Note:  the following courses are not always offered as service learning courses.  Click here the most current list of Service
Learning courses.

  • ARCH 1281:  Design Fundamentals I
  • ARCH 4150: Alternatives to Homelessness
  • ARCH 4284: Architecture Studio IV - Alternatives to Homelessness
  • ARCH 4284: Studio IV - St. Paul
  • ARCH 4284: Studio IV - Design Build
  • DHA 2463 Housing and Community Development
  • DHA 3223: Clothing Design Studio III
  • LA 1201:  Learning from the Landscape
  • LA 1202:  Making the Mississippi
  • LA 8205: Urban Form Options: Landscape Architecture Studio

Non-recurring courses:

  • ARCH 3150: Design Like You Give a Damn (Spring 2006)
  • ARCH 4150: Fabrics and Lightweight Structures (Spring 2006)
  • ARCH 8450: Graduate Seminar - Architecture for Humanity (Spring 2006)